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“The priest today is the one who has been sent also,     
to be that living love, God's love for the world today.
The priest is that sign, he is the living flame, he is the
sunshine of God's love for the world… 
He is another Christ.”

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta  

The religious community of the Missionaries of Charity Fathers was founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta with Fr. Joseph Langford in 1984, to combine the beauty of the Missionaries of Charity vocation with the grace of the ministerial priesthood.        

On September 10th, l946, Mother Teresa of Calcutta experienced a special grace that she called a “call within a call”. This inspiration was the beginning of the Missionaries of Charity Family.

In 1948 she founded the Missionaries of Charity Sisters to be a channel of God's love to Calcutta's Poorest of the Poor, convinced that they were a presence of the suffering Jesus who has said: “…I was hungry…I was thirsty…I was a stranger…I was naked…I was sick…I was in prison…”  and  “…you did it to Me.” (Mt. 25:35-41)

Soon the attraction of this Gospel way of life brought new members and new foundations, both in India and abroad.

As the work developed, new branches of the MC Family were founded. The Brothers began in 1963, and in the 1970s separate branches for Contemplative Sisters (1976) and Contemplative Brothers (1977) were started.

      The Missionaries of Charity Fathers were founded in October 1984. We seek to complement and complete the work of the other branches of the Society.

      In 1979 Fr. Joseph Langford, then a Priest and an Oblate of the Virgin Mary, asked Mother Teresa that priests be given the opportunity to share spiritually in the charism of the Missionaries of Charity.

      In 1980, after prayer and discernment she began the Priest Co-Workers which she later renamed as Corpus Christi Movement for Priests.

      The Priest Co-Worker movement received the blessing of John Paul II on November 1, l980. The following year, on June 26, Feast of the Sacred Heart, the Holy See gave its approval of the first statutes of CCM. By 1983, as the movement continued to grow, Fr. Joseph asked Mother to found a group of priests to oversee and direct the expansion of CCM. As a result Corpus Christi Fraternity was approved as a Pious Union of the Archdiocese of New York, on August 22, 1983 , by Cardinal Cooke.

      After a year of prayer and reflection, Mother Teresa and the members of CCF, agreed to seek recognition as a religious institute. Mother Teresa accepted the group as part of her religious family and on October 13, 1984, gave them the name Missionaries of Charity Fathers.

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