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      Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity in response to Christ's plea that she make Him known to the poorest of the poor by her humble service of love. She envisioned a congregation of women and received her first companion in March 1949. The "little Society" of twelve members was officially established on 7 October 1950.

Mother Teresa's Successor
Sr. M. Nirmala MC, Superior General of both
the active as well as the contemplative branch


Missionaries of Charity
54 A AJC Bose Road
Calcutta WB 700016 India


In 1963 Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity Brothers . Two years later, Jesuit Father Ian Travers-Ball (Brother Andrew, M.C.) joined the Brothers in 1965 and became their first Superior . The Brothers were officially established as a diocesan congregation in 1967.

The superior General of the Brothers (the General Servant ) is
Brother Geoff M.C.


7 Mansatala Row
Calcutta 700 023 India
Tel. 0091(33)    24497480



      In 1976 Mother Teresa began a contemplative branch of the Missionaries of Charity Sisters under the direction of Sr. M. Nirmala, M.C. Their mission is to go in search of the souls of the poorest of the poor through the apostolate of prayer, in particular Eucharistic Adoration, and the spiritual works of mercy.


In answer to a similar desire of men for a more contemplative life in the service of the poor, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity Contemplative Brothers on 19 March 1979 with Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala, M.C. Consisting of brothers and priests, they were formally established as a Diocesan Congregation in Rome on 8 December 1993.

Father General :
Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala, M.C.


Via Di S. Agapito, 8
00177 Roma- Italy
Tel.:  06/
Fax :  06/
Email: mccbrothers@libero.it



As a religious family the active and contemplative Sisters comprise one congregation, while the Brothers and Fathers are three separate congregations. All share in the charism of Mother Teresa to satiate God's thirst for love by personal holiness and by working for the salvation and sanctification of the poorest of the poor. For all of the Sisters, Brothers and Fathers, Mother Teresa is "Mother."


      From the beginning of her work, Mother Teresa welcomed and sought the help of lay persons. Eventually those attracted to her and her work formed a group called the Co-Workers of Mother Teresa . Coming from all religions, nations and walks of life, these men and women share in Mother Teresa's aim to quench the thirst of God for love and souls by seeking to give Him their love and to bring His love to every person with whom they have contact, especially the poorest of the poor, and, above all, those most needy in their own families.


      Jacqueline de Decker was a young Belgian social worker who in 1948, while on a "working" visit to India , was introduced to Mother Teresa. At the time, Mother Teresa was learning the rudiments of medical care from the Medical Mission Sisters in Patna , Bihar . The two were drawn to each other by a common love for Jesus and a desire to help the poor. Miss De Decker wanted to join Mother Teresa, but serious health problems prevented her. When Jacqueline returned to Belgium , Mother Teresa asked her to become her "second self," that is, to be united with Mother Teresa as her spiritual sister, offering her sufferings to God for the sake of the poor. Jacqueline took up the task of promoting this apostolate of prayer and self-offering among the sick, linking each person who became a " Sick and Suffering Co-Worker " with an individual Missionary of Charity.


Mother Teresa had a great love and reverence for the priesthood. Prior to founding the Missionaries of Charity Fathers, Mother Teresa began the Corpus Christi Movement for Priests as a plan of life and holiness with the help of Fr. Joseph Langford , M.c. The Corpus Christi Movement has continued to spread among diocesan priests worldwide under the present leadership of Fr. Pascual Cervera.


Fr. Pascual Cervera
P.O. Box 1389
New York e-mail
: corpxti@gmail.com



Mother Teresa sought to assist priests further by beginning the Veronica Intercessors for Priests , a program of spiritual adoption by which a priest is supported by the prayers and sacrifices of a particular sister. The program is promoted by bishops around the world and has expanded to include many religious congregations.


      The LAY MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY is an association of lay persons, both married and single, who apply the spirituality of Mother Teresa to their family life. An off-shoot of the M.C. Contemplative Brothers, they began in Rome , April 1984. They have spread to over forty countries.


Via Di S. Agapito, 8
00177 Roma- Italy
Tel.:  06/
Fax :  06/
Email: mccbrothers@libero.it


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